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Eco Tech Cleaned!

Eco-friendly Solutions for Carpet, Tile and Upholstery Cleaning

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If You Fall, I'll be here - Floor

Get Eco Tech Cleaned!

Eco Tech Cleaned!

Eco-friendly Solutions for Carpet, Tile and Upholstery Cleaning

Make An Appointment Today 678.427.4345

If you fall, I'll be here. - Floor

Is your carpet dingy?
Is your floor dirty?
Are your spaces grimy?
Floors so Clean

Eco Tech Services is experienced in all surface deep cleaning and sanitization for both residential and commercial services.

Our techs are IICRC Certified and experienced to handle your deep cleaning needs while putting safety first in wearing personal protective gear and utilizing certified products for the disinfecting and cleaning of your surfaces. Our primary focus has ALWAYS been surface cleaning and deep cleaning throughout our work history and we are experienced for office, residential, restaurant, and many other variables and forms of cleaning to assist with your unique needs. Eco Tech Services has training and experience with being IICRC Certified that many other companies may not have that sets us apart. It’s especially important to know the value in a proven surface cleaning and sanitary company with a history of being IICRC Certified and experience in the industry.

Please call today to discuss your specific cleaning and sanitizing needs and see how Eco Tech Services can help create a clean, sanitary living and work environment!

Who We Are

Based in Northwest Atlanta, EcoTech offers eco-friendly floor solutions for your carpet, tile, hardwood floors, upholstery, water damage mitigation and more.

Servicing commercial and residential customers – EcoTech uses an all-natural citrus solution that contains no soap or surfactants. Our products leave behind no residue, which allows your carpet a minimal drying time of no more than 2 hours. EcoTech Carpet Care is committed to creating a comfortable living space without harmful effects to the environment.

To schedule an appointment or to speak with a Carpet Care Representative in Northwest Atlanta and the surrounding areas please call 678.427.4345 or fill out this form and someone will contact you within 24-business hours.

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Life Gets Messy. We Keep It Clean.

“Thanks EcoTech for a great job on my 15- year old hardwoods that have been abused. Without having to refinish them, you did a wonderful job bringing them back to life. Xavier and his crew were awesome. I’d highly recommend EcoTech and will refer you to my real estate clients.” ~Kirsten Ford

All of EcoTech Services Include:

Carpet Cleaning

Even a small stain on your carpet can make an entire room feel less appealing. Small stains have a big impact.

Tile & Grout

We use the latest steam cleaning technology to deliver top-notch cleanliness for your tile floors and grout.

Hardwood Floors

We use steam cleaning technology to deep clean your hardwood floors and lift dirt and grime.

Pet Odors

Your pets are your family, we minimize your pet’s exposure to potentially irritating chemicals keeping them safe and clean.


We know the complexities of caring for a vast variety of upholstry fabrics.

Water Damage Mitigation

We clean up debris, remove damaged areas dry out the structure of your home.

Emergency Services

From carpet cleaning, to water damage mitigation we can solve your flooring needs.

Pressure Washing

We have all of the right equipment and proper chemicals to take care of your exterior needs!

Regular care with EcoTech can lengthen the life of your carpet and promote a sustainable environment.

What We Do

EcoTech is an IICRC Certified outfit proudly serving the northwest Atlanta communities. We are known for our carpet & tile cleaning, hardwoods, upholstery services, water damage mitigation and more. We guarantee superior quality and service on every job and do our best to maintain a flawless reputation. Our goal is to meet and succeed the expectations of our customers and ensure their satisfaction. We do this successfully by using the latest technology and equipment in cleaning techniques.

It is our belief that abrasive detergents are unnecessary for clean, healthy carpets and floors. Yet, you do not have to sacrifice a clean living space to avoid pollutants. Regular care with EcoTech can lengthen the life of your carpet and promote a sustainable environment. Our all-natural citrus solution contains no soap or surfactants, which leaves behind no residue and allows your carpet a minimal drying time of no more than 2 hours. Fast, efficient, and convenient, that’s our goal. Our professionals assess the present condition of your carpet or hardwood floors and apply the best solution to fit your needs.

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Why Us: Our All-Natural Citrus Solution

Improves the Air Quality of the Home

Your carpet might look clean on the outside, but this is not often the case…especially if you opt to do the cleaning yourself! When you employ the services of EcoTech carpet cleaning professionals, you are guaranteed 100% clean floors. Consider this an investment to your family’s health. Carpets accumulate dusts, bacteria, dirt, and other allergens that aren’t visible on the surface. This can reduce the air quality of your home. Home carpet cleaning tools might be able to remove the dirt and stains, but they are not able to provide thorough cleaning of the carpets.

Removes Odors & Stains

Our technicians are trained to provide top class carpet cleaning. They know how to handle various types of conditions and elements. Our technicians also know how to remove ground-in dirt and stains in high foot traffic areas. These stains are almost impossible to remove with most commercial carpet shampoos. Our technicians can make your carpet look and smell like brand new again. Pets and children often lead to a lot of stains. To complete the cleaning, we also provide upholstery services to achieve that spotless furniture you’ve been seeking.

Best of all, we use environment-friendly cleaning solutions that leave no harmful residues behind. Our carpet cleaning techniques also require less drying time compared to other methods.

Giving Back

Virtual Noon to Night at Avalon 2020

EcoTech Participates in Avalon’s Virtual Noon to Night Benefitting Bert’s Big Adventure

We are proud to have been included in providing support of Avalon’s Virtual Noon to Night Fall Fashion Benefit! For the sixth year, Bert’s Big Adventure partnered with their friends at Avalon for an epic evening of both fall fashion and flashbacks to favorite moments over the last five years! EcoTech was honored to help…

Ecotech presents check to Bert's Big Adventure 2020

EcoTech Presents Check To Bert’s Big Adventure

On Thursday, February 21 EcoTech attended the annual Send-off party for Bert’s Big Adventure. Every year Bert’s Big Adventure takes 13 kids between the ages of 5 and 12 with terminal or chronic illnesses and their families on an all-expense paid trip to Walt Disney World®. To kick off the adventure, The Bert Show hosts…

North Pole Fundraising Event

DONATE HERE – For A ‘Trip To The North Pole’

JOIN US: Friday, December 13th for our ‘Trip to the North Pole’! This fundraising event benefits Bert’s Big Adventure and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

EcoTech participates in Digital Dash 2019

On Saturday, August 24th, EcoTech participated in the 11th annual Digital Dash benefiting Bert’s Big Adventure and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Each year, entrants range from competitive racers hoping to qualify for the Peachtree Road Race to “Couch to 5K” first-timer runners! It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to cross the finish line…

The 7th Annual Atlanta Moon Ride

EcoTech participates in the 7th Annual Atlanta Moon Ride

On Friday, June 21st, EcoTech team members participated in the Atlanta Moon Ride. The first night-cycling event of its kind to be introduced to the city included a fun, 7-mile bike ride through some of Atlanta’s coolest neighborhoods. Featuring after-dark antics, participants brought the flair – dressing in costumes, decorative helmets and glow sticks! The…

EcoTech Helps Surprise A Special Boy On Bert's Big Adventure!

EcoTech Helps To Surprise A Special Boy On Bert’s Big Adventure 2019

When asked if there was something that could bring Peyton pure joy, his parents quickly replied, “a way for him to be able to play with his siblings and friends and to help his dad feed the family’s animals.” Peyton is a young boy and Bert’s Big Adventure 2019 participant who was diagnosed with Spinal…

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Delta North Pole 2018 We recently partnered with Delta on their Delta North Pole 2018. Check out the video!

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